Our Mother's Day Tribute

Our Mother's Day Tribute

Dear Mothers,

What can I say about my Mother? She plays and continues to play an important role in my life. My mom pushes me to accomplish all my dreams.  

Today, we honor our Mothers. They give us the encouragement we need to chase our hopes and aspirations.    

Today, we thank the women in our lives who make a difference.

Today, we reach out to every woman whose mothering touch adds value to our well-being.


As the brother in this conversation, my sister is mushy and without a doubt too much in her feelings.

If we focus on the roles our Mothers play in our lives, we realize it’s a bag of mixed blessings.

I say this because I know people who lack a relationship with their MOM. Both Mother and children have painful memories about this relationship. Thus, Mother’s Day represents a different experience.  

Today, consider YOUR relationship with YOUR Mom, whether good or bad. Think about the events that led to the current state of YOUR relationship, whether good or bad. Then think about the kind of relationship YOU want with YOUR Mom.  

Life is imperfect! My sister’s EMPATHY writings hold important lessons. I, unfortunately, admit they make sense. We need to acknowledge and understand our imperfect Mother and child relationships. Then COMMIT to overcoming those imperfections bit by bit going forward.

I am blessed to have a supportive and invested MOM. Her attention makes me feel uncomfortable as a grown person. Yet, I realize she loves and appreciates me.    

On this MOTHER’S Day, I acknowledge the negative relationships many Mother and children share.  

I hope this Mother’s Day YOU TRY to honor, reach out and interact with YOUR MOM. I hope YOU Bless YOUR Mom. I hope YOU Forgive her and Yourself for a less than perfect relationship.  

On Mother’s Day 2018, practice Your EMPATHY or Common Sense and enjoy the day with YOUR MOM as YOU see fit.

 Last, I hope my sister gets her own kids and learn the trials and travails of motherhood. She needs some drama in her life. It BORING!!!


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