Ryan Hs Tees, a brother and sister duo.

Missing and Endangered, EMPATHY.

Over the course of the weekend, our dear President Trump tweeted his negativity against his favorite target: immigrants, specifically Dreamers or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals/DACA recipients (those children granted deportation protection by the Obama administration). We will not use this post to wade into the political, cultural and social history behind the president's immigrant scapegoating.


But, we will wade into the spirit behind the Easter celebration: death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus's resurrection wraps a message of love and forgiveness for one another. We will remember the grace of Jesus's sacrifice and identify with His mandate that above all else it is better to LOVE.

For us, EMPATHY this Easter season or the ability to put yourself in another person's place exemplifies Jesus's gift of salvation. We encourage everyone to consider the lives of those immigrants as WHAT WOULD JESUS DO or WHAT WOULD JESUS HAVE YOU DO?


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